The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a nonprofit organization working to prepare communities for risk of wildfire and is interested in developing tools and resources to educate children about wildfire preparedness.  Together with East Mountain High School, NFPA will hold a focus group of about 10-15 students to learn more from youth about what they know, believe and want to know about wildfires. The focus groups will be led by NFPA and Wildfire Network and will include survey questions developed by NFPA and another nonprofit safety organization, Young Minds Inspired (YMI). The focus group will meet after the school day and last 45 minutes with pizza or snacks provided afterwards. All ideas, concepts, suggestions offered in connection with the focus groups will be considered the property of NFPA.

Youth's input is an important to developing effective educational resources. Wildfires can occur anywhere and at any time and we encourage you to talk to your child about your family’s plan. Research has shown that children who learn about preparedness are empowered to take safety steps when emergencies occur. To get more information about NFPA’s wildfire website and resources for youth please visit NFPA’s TakeAction page at . It provides free resources tips and tools. We hope you will use them with your family to be better prepared.

If you have a child that goes to East Mountain High, please contact us to sign up for this opportunity.

The stories recorded by tree rings connect natural history and human history to provide rich, place-based education for students of all ages. Trees living in the arid ecosystems of the Southwest are particularly sensitive to changes in moisture levels which become reflected in the pattern of growth rings. By understanding the history lessons within trees, researchers learn about two of the most critical natural resource issues facing the Southwest; water supplies and wildfire. 

A Firewise Curriculum to Spark Learning was developed by Dr. Judy Reinhartz, Professor Emeritus of Science Education, The University of Texas at El Paso and board member of Wildfire Network, that integrates fire adapted principles with the Common Core and the new science standards, NGSS.

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Wildfire Network works in pursuit of community wildfire resiliency by working with young adults and communities to promote firefighter safety, job development and youth mentorship. Through wildland fire and land management training, we employ and mentor at-risk youth in forest health, wildfire mitigation and safe firefighting techniques. We educate K-12 youth about natural fire processes within their environment and provide aid to communities with wildfire risk reduction and property stewardship.

Wildfire Network believes the cornerstone of community wildfire resiliency is education in adaptive management techniques on and around private property.

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