Firewise Curriculum to Spark Learning

A Firewise Curriculum to Spark Learning was developed by Dr. Judy Reinhartz, Professor Emeritus of Science Education, The University of Texas at El Paso and board member of Wildfire Network, that integrates fire adapted principles with the Common Core and the new science standards, NGSS.

The curriculum, utilizing inquiry-based language rich strategies and follows the 5E instructional model, will be piloted with fifth graders beginning in 2016. The curriculum's focus is to capitalize on students' desire to learn about real world community issues and to take advantage of the many opportunities to promote civic engagement through service learning projects. Science notebooks will be used to get students to record information, draw data tables, plot graphs, and to reflect on what they are learning. These notebook entries will be reviewed and analyzed periodically as well at the completion of the project to determine the students' science conceptual understanding giving access into students' thinking about what they learned and what misconceptions they had.

The results from this pilot will be presented at the 2016 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) meeting in June. Our goal is to develop this curriculum into a service learning model for all grades, to give youth a better understanding of their environment and their places in it, enable a healthier attitude towards fire and gradually reduce wildland urban interface risk as they grow to better understand natural fire processes and how to prepare and live with them.  We are actively seeking additional funding for this endeavor from the National Education Association and other educational entities.

Our Mission

Wildfire Network promotes firefighter safety, vocational job and business creation, and youth education in pursuit of community wildfire resiliency. We guide wildland and prescribed fire training in a focused and safety minded manner, train and mentor youth in forest health, wildfire mitigation and safe firefighting techniques, educate K-12 students on natural fire processes within their environment and aid communities in obtaining needed assistance with wildfire risk reduction and property stewardship. 

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