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We are interested in the health, sustainability and general satisfaction of forest thinning outcomes on private land, and in the experiences of the application process and performance of thinning process by the landowners. We are gathering data on thinning projects that have been funded, fully or partially, with grants from various agencies (ie: cost-share programs) to get a sense of what is working and what could be improved upon. Many grant opportunities are not well known, and gaining your insight and experience with the programs can help us learn how to best utilize them. Our focus is in New Mexico, however, surrounding states' residents are welcome to describe their experience as well.

The results of this survey will be anonymous, no address data will be shown and projects will be mapped in the general area of where they took place. If you have specific questions or comments, the final question in the survey is a free-form area for you to do so. We appreciate your help in making future programs as painless and effective as possible.

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