2018-19 NMAC Fuels Mitigation Grant

a New Mexico Association of Counties Wildfire Risk Reduction Grant project


Wildfire Network has been awarded a 2018-2019 New Mexico Association of Counties Wildfire Risk Reduction Program for Rural Communities for our East Mountain Hazard Fuels thinning project.

The East Mountains have not yet experienced wildfires to the extent that other areas of the state have, but with the right weather conditions, along with excessive fuel loading, it is primed for a disaster. The Dog Head fire in 2016 was a demonstration of this.

Wildfire Network will offer a cost-share thinning program to high risk communities within the East Mountain CWPP boundary, focusing on areas listed as high by the 2017 Communities at Risk report, expanding on prior efforts of both its own program and programs that have been ongoing here by various agencies and organizations.

The goal of this fuels reduction proposal is to treat approximately 40-60 acres of private lands, with a priority of contiguous parcels within the higher risk rated communities of this area to reduce the risk of high intensity fire and its threat to public and firefighter safety, and reduce losses to private property and bordering public lands.

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Frequent Questions

What is this program?

This program is what is commonly called a cost-share program.  What that means is the grant will pay for a portion (often 50%) of the cost of reducing risk around your home and increasing the health of your property.

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Grant Task Timeline

♦ in progress ♦ completed ♦ not started
  July 2018 - June 2019 Program applications and project work
  Sept 2018-June 2019 Project work
  Oct 2018 Community walkthru of complated project

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