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The Verde Community Impact Collaborative (VCIC) is a multi-faceted network of private, nonprofit and public partners that have joined to leverage resources through a system of integrated community interventions for the delivery of high priority climate and poverty solutions. The VCIC partners have intentionally united together to deepen their investment in the health, welfare and sustainability of the community through simultaneously addressing the needs of people living in poverty and reducing energy use and carbon emissions in the city.

The VCIC proposed program is focused on meeting the goals and objectives of the Verde Fund priorities through a coordinated effort to reducing the city’s vulnerability to extreme weather events, protecting natural resources and supporting healthy ecosystems. The VCIC will strengthen community cohesion and social equity through direct interventions that support the residents of Santa Fe. The VCIC joins with the City to work to reduce the community exposure to climate risk and build our collective adaptive capacity. The Verde Fund priorities, (1) Reduce systemic poverty through the city; (2) Achieve carbon neutrality in Santa Fe by 2040; and (3) Promote workforce empowerment and create opportunity for the unemployed, are addressed in the VCIC proposal through a collective impact approach to strengthen resiliency in the community in the face of climate and poverty challenges. The VCIC will reach our city’s most susceptible people through its schedule of systemic interventions and will create opportunities in the community to improve health, well-being, address housing, education and employment in an overall response to climate change.

Partner Wildfire Network, with professional trainers and experts in the field, will provide training to a young adult crew, while conducting wildland fire mitigation/forest health activities on over 75 acres around Santa Fe to reduce risk of catastrophic wildfire.  Training includes:

  • Basic fire behavior
  • Erosion control techniques
  • Ecological Monitoring
  • Chainsaw safety and use
  • Basic wildland firefighting
  • WUI structure assessment
  • Communicating with homeowners
  • Public speaking

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